Newly-built hotel located in the heart of city – 4* – Barcelona

Newly-built hotel located in the heart of city – 4* – Barcelona revealed
This secret hotel ‘Newly-built hotel located in the heart of city – 4* – Barcelona’ benefits from well furnished guest rooms, and is near a selection of eateries, bars and well known buildings. As a primarily Catholic country, Barcelona is home to many notable churches, a local favourite is the Bethlehem Church. Barcelona is celebrated for its stunning buildings, and in particular the creations of Antoni Gaudi. You can see an example of his work at Park Güell. Despite the fact that Barcelona is a city, there's stacks to do out in the fresh air. If the weather is good, spend the afternoon at Parc Güell.

For romance, try a variety of wines at Cata 1.81, or sample yummy seafood at Espai Kru. The shopping in the city is unparalleled, but if you’re after something unusual head to Les Topettes. If you want to visit different areas of the Catalan capital, book a tour with Brightside Sidecar Tours. If you’re visiting with lots of people, a fun activity is a watercolour painting day course. Or for something more adventuresome, why not go flyboarding! If you’d prefer not to do a bar crawl, keep yourself busy in the evening with a performance at Spanish Guitar Barcelona. Have a memorable time on holiday!

Booking Agent Hotel Description

“New hotel located ideally located in the heart of L Eixample disctric. Passeig de Gracia, Placa Catalunya and Les Rambles can be conveniently reached. Near to the largest concentration of modernist architectural treasures and main landmarks in the city. The hotel boasts a terrace with an outdoor swimming pool as well as jacuzzi.”

How Secret Hotels Work

When an establishment isn’t fully booked, but doesn't want to advertise, they can choose to be a secret hotel. Depending on the hotel, different information will be provided to ensure customers choose the most suitable secret hotel for them. You will always be provided with how many stars it has and roughly where it's located. Once you have your booking confirmation, you will find out the name of the secret hotel by email.

Secret hotels ensure that hotels can book their available guest rooms at a price reduction and guests can experience somewhere different, possibly even a hotel that would normally be quite costly. To make sure you pick out the best hotel, make sure you read what’s in the local proximity and what attributes it has. There is an element of surprise when booking a secret hotel, but if you read the descriptions with care, you can make sure you get a brilliant hotel for an amazing rate!
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