In the heart of modernist and next to Las Ramblas – 4* – Barcelona

In the heart of modernist and next to Las Ramblas – 4* – Barcelona revealed
This secret hotel ‘In the heart of modernist and next to Las Ramblas – 4* – Barcelona’ benefits from spacious guest rooms, and is located near to restaurants, wine bars and points of interest. As a predominantly Catholic country, Barcelona plays home to many famous places of worship, a popular one is the Basilica de la Mare de Déu de la Mercè. Barcelona is well known for its iconic buildings, particularly the creations of Antoni Gaudi. You can see an example of his work at the Palau Güell. Despite the fact that Barcelona is a city, there's a shedload to do out in the fresh air. If the weather is good, spend a few hours at Montserrat.

For romance, try an array of wines at Sexy Wine, or sample delicious seafood at Fishop Paseo de Gracia. The shopping in the city is unequalled, but if you’re after something unusual head to Ailanto. If you want to see a variety of the city, take a tour with a Kids and Family Walking Tour. If you’re travelling as a group, an interesting activity is a cooking course. Or for something more crazy, why not go biking! If you’d prefer not to go dancing, keep yourself amused at night with a show at Teatre Principal. Have a brilliant time on vacation!

Booking Agent Hotel Description

“Stay in a historical yet modern hotel in the heart of Barcelona. Located in the exclusive shopping area just a few steps from Catalunya Square. Hotel boasts a spectacular terrace with great view over the city. Spacious and bright rooms were tastefully designed and equipped with all modern amenities to ensure comfortable and pleasant stay.”

How Secret Hotels Work

When an establishment isn’t fully booked, but would prefer not to advertise, they can opt to become a secret hotel. Differing from hotel to hotel, a variety of information will be displayed to help guests pick the most suitable secret hotel for them. You will always be told the star rating and the approximate location. After you have booked, you will find out the name of the hotel via email.

Secret hotels mean that hotels can sell their available rooms at a discount and customers can sample somewhere different, potentially even a hotel that would typically be very expensive. To ensure that you select the best hotel, make sure you read what’s nearby and what attributes it has. There is a degree of risk when booking a secret hotel, but if you read the information thoroughly, you can ensure you grab an incredible hotel for a great price!
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