In the city center with outdoor pool and jacuzzi – 4* – Barcelona

In the city center with outdoor pool and jacuzzi – 4* – Barcelona revealed
This secret hotel ‘In the city center with outdoor pool and jacuzzi – 4* – Barcelona’ benefits from well furnished guest rooms, and is situated close to eateries, wine bars and well known buildings. As a predominantly Catholic country, Barcelona plays host to many famous churches, if you just visit one, head to the Sant Jordi Chapel. Barcelona is well known for its iconic buildings, specifically the creations by Antoni Gaudi. You can see an example of his work at Park Güell. Despite the fact that Barcelona is a city, there's plenty to do alfresco. If the weather is pleasant, relax at the Jardins de La Vila Santa Amelia.

For romance, try an array of wines at La Carte des Vins, or sample scrumptious seafood at Restorante el Regulador. The shopping in the Catalan capital is inimitable, but if you’re after something rare have a browse at Fira de Santa Llúcia. If you want to explore lots of parts of Barcelona, take a tour with Running Tours Barcelona. If you’re travelling with lots of people, an enjoyable activity is a Catalan language class. Or for something more adventurous, why not go on a boat trip! If you’d prefer not to hit the dance floor, keep yourself entertained in the evening with a performance at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Have an amazing time on your city break!

Booking Agent Hotel Description

“Right in the City Centre!! This property is located in the city centre of Barcelona, making it the ideal place to stay for both business and leisure travellers. The fully equiped rooms will provide you a pleasant and comfortable stay.”

How Secret Hotels Work

When a hotel residence needs to fill extra rooms, but doesn't want to advertise at a reduced rate, they can choose to sign up as a secret hotel. Depending on the hotel, an array of details will be shown to help customers select the most appropriate secret hotel for them. You will always be told the star rating and the rough location. Once you have your booking confirmation, you will receive the name of the establishment by email.

Secret hotels mean that hotels can book their vacant rooms and suites at a lower rate and customers can sample somewhere different, sometimes even a hotel that would generally cost a pretty penny. To make sure you pick the correct hotel, make sure you read what’s close by and what facilities it includes. There is a component of risk when booking a secret hotel, but if you read the information cautiously, you can be sure you grab an amazing hotel for a brilliant rate!
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