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We’ll Teach You How To Travel Like A King But Pay Pauper prices…

In our lifetime we perhaps spend thousands of pounds on rent/mortgage payments, dining out, drinking and transport. I would imagine, by the age of 30, many of us have perhaps spent 100’s of thousands of pounds  “living”. If I was to ask you about the best hotel you have every stayed in, I would imagine you might struggle to remember a hotel which truly blew you away. The average holiday for 2 will no doubt reach close to several thousand pounds on, yet so few of us ever book a hotel that really wows us!

When we book flights, we rarely grumble if the prices fluctuate by another 50 pounds, yet when we see a hotel price move past our budget, suddenly it’s a big issue. After all, you are likely to spend a little over 2-3 hours on a plane, and maybe 50 hours in your hotel room, surely we have our priorities mixed up.

The Hotel Makes The Holiday!

Luxury Hotel Lobby

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Photos and funny moments are all that’s left from most holidays; clothes we tend to throw and re buy, with little memory or sentiment. To experience a truly magical hotel is something that will make your holiday. Not only does it give you something to look forward to on the coming weeks, even if your holiday experience is bad, you always have the hotel to fall back on.  Despite the fact it might rain all weekend or you didn’t like the city or town, you can always go back to the hotel room.

Personally I have traveled most of the globe, and I can happily admit I may have spent a small fortune on hotels. Some have been disappointing; others have been a memory I will take with me forever. Overall, one could argue, should I have been thriftier, I might have been able to have more holidays, even longer holidays, perhaps even a deposit on a little house. For me, it’s simply not worth it.

The memories of pure hedonism I hold in my head are for more valuable to me, better still, having someone to share them with is the ultimate. Granted I appreciate not everyone has the budget to perhaps push the boat out that little bit each time. I would argue the point, If you know how to search properly, you can enjoy 5 star hedonism without the premium price tag necessarily. Having become somewhat of a savvy traveler, I have learnt to travel like a king, but not always pay royalty prices.

Comparison sites and booking in advance is always key, yet ensuring you leave no stone upturned on your quest can also help. Gather a list of all the top comparison sites and cheap hotel booking sites. It’s worth spending a few hours trawling through them, to ensure you get the best price.  A great recommendation for flights is to use www.skyscanner.net.  Here you can view everywhere flights leave from, from whichever airport you want in the world. You can then view the prices, enabling you to pick the cheapest dates and destinations to fly to.  This often will help you discover new interesting destinations you never thought of too.

The last and most expensive part is the hotel. Sites such as http://www.travelsupermarket.comdo a great job in comparing the major sites, helping you find a reasonable price for your hotel stay. However, do not make the mistake in stopping there.

The Emergence Of Secret Hotels

Many hotel sites are now offering Secret Hotels. This being the new booking system which allows you to benefit from 5 and 4 star hotels, yet pay peanuts. In a nutshell, the concept works on the fact you don’t know the hotels name until you commit to booking. Your only allowed to know the hotel location, star rating and facilities. This allows the websites to advertise rock bottom rates without damaging the hotels reputation. Overall it’s an incredibly amazing way to save a considerable amount on your hotel stay. Websites such as www.secrethotels.eu will often cover the entire world, yet if your looking for a popular city like London ,then http://www.secrethotelslondon.com will help you out. They will even give you quirky tips on places to eat and party around the location of your desired hotel.

It’s worth trying out, a combination of all 3 recommendations.  One you get the hang of becoming a savvy surfer, traveling like a film star should become common practice